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Carli Lloyd

By Jonathan Castner

Fresh off a strong showing at the Algarve Cup in Portugal, New Jersey native and USA midfield maestro Carli Lloyd recently talked about the state of the womenís game.

Congratulations on your Algarve Cup win last week. Tell me about it. Thanks. It was great. We really came together. I really feel like the game against China was my best achievement so far. I brought out something in my play that nobody has seen before. I feel like Iíve improved and I worked really hard to get here.

What is the biggest difference so far between Greg Ryan and Pia Sundhage? Every coach is different. Ever player had a different experience with Greg. Pia has a different philosophy. Pia has allowed me to be the central force on this team. Iíve really learned so much from her on and off the field. Sheís done a great job of bringing up the younger players as well. Sheís brought the team together. Weíre really starting to believe that we can be an attacking force.


"I've learned so much from Pia on and off the field."

So that unity was missing from the squad for the past year or so? Yes. This is the first time in a while I feel like there is a lot of unity in the team.

So the whole Hope Solo fiasco, was this blown out of proportion by the media? There were a lot of emotions involved. We were a bit upset. But you know, Iíve always thought, you make a mistake and you just have to move on.

The womenís game has grown so much in the last decade. In many ways, the world has caught up to the USA. Is this better for the game? Yes. It can only be good for the game. We just played Italy at the Algarve Cup and a few years ago they werenít as good. The game keeps growing and growing. It makes us all better.

So with Womenís Professional Soccer making its debut next season, do is there a team you have your eye on? Iíd love to play for SKY Blue. Iím from New Jersey and it would be great to play in front of my family and friends.



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